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repair or replace?

Motor Repair Decision-Making Guide


Navigating the complex landscape of motor repair decisions can be a challenging task. We understand that there are numerous factors to consider, and making the right choices is crucial to maintaining your equipment's efficiency and minimizing downtime.


This guide serves as your trusted companion, providing a structured decision-making tree to guide you through the process. Whether you're dealing with special motors, assessing local versus nationwide options, or evaluating repair urgency, our guide is here to help you make informed choices that best align with your specific needs and circumstances.

Special Motors 

What do we mean by special motors? There are many factors that could make a unit ‘special.’ When in doubt, it is best to give us a call to verify.


Some examples of special units might be:


  • Special Frame Sizes (145TZ, 56Y) – The Y and Z sometimes attached the end of the frame size tells us the motor has a special shaft that could make finding a new motor more difficult.

  • Obsolete Units with No Replacements Available

  • Servo Motors

  • Gearmotors

  • Foreign Made Motors (Siemens, Van Der Graaf, Mitsubishi, etc.

  • Explosion Proof Motors (We are not certified to repair explosion proof motors but are able to sell new ones at an affordable price).

  • Long Lead Times on Replacements

  • Missing Nameplate

  • Modifications

Local Customers Vs Nationwide Customers 

Throughout the decision-making tree you will see that we mention local customers. These are any customers that can get a motor to IMS without having to ship it via UPS, FedEx or LTL freight. With freight charges and transit times, it will affect our outlook on whether it is economical to repair it or not.

As the motor increases in HP, the more likely it is economical to repair it and choose IMS as your repair shop. We offer a multitude of services that will allow you to have a one-stop shop for your motor needs.


We also ask that you consider the urgency of the repair you have decided to send to us. When you are located outside of our typical service area, we may not be the right fit for an overtime job. The following factors should be considered:


  • Transit Time to IMS

  • Evaluation Time at IMS

  • Approval Time Within Your Company

  • Repair Time (Standard Repair Time: 7-10 days; but could be longer depending on part availability).

  • Transit Time Back to You

Replacement, Spares and Surplus 

When you take your location and the urgency of your motor into consideration, you might find it far more beneficial to get a new motor all together. We often see customers in a bind and losing revenue fast due to plant downtime. Because of this, a repair might not be economically feasible at all. We offer replacement units that are stocked by our suppliers around the country. We could arrange for you to pick up the unit yourself, have a courier drive it to you or just have it dropped shipped to your location.

IMS also stores many surplus units in house. We remanufacture each unit and offer a one-year parts and labor warranty along with it. These units are significantly cheaper than a new unit from the factory.


All we need from you is a picture of the nameplate and a picture of the complete unit – and we could have it shipped out in the next 24-48 hours or arrange a courier from here as well. We have received a great deal of feedback from customers nationwide that have gotten out of the bind from utilizing our inventory.

The Decision Tree

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