AC & DC Motor Repair
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AC & DC motors undergo extensive analysis prior to quotation and repair. Every attempt is made to determine the root cause of failure,  Insuslation condition, core condition, and mechanical fit dimensions are recorded and compared to standards. Machine shop work is performed in-house. All windings are surge tested after disassembly, and prior to reassembly. Class H Nomex insulation is used in all rewinds at no extra charge.

Our stator reclaiming oven is equipped with a chart recorder and water mist over-temp suppression system. AC and DC coils are ran on numerous winding machines. Including a Samatic 2780 automated winding machine. All motors are test run at full nameplate voltage to assure proper operation.

Field Services

We offer onsite service as well.

Field Services include:

  • Motor removal and installation

  • Laser Shaft Alignment

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Trending and Predictive Maintenance

  • Critical Equipment Monitoring 

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Insulation and Surge Testing

  • ​Thermography-Infared Testing

  • General Troubleshooting

Servo Motor Repair 

We  have the expertise and equipment to evaluate, repair, and test run most models. We also have the capability of load testing both AC and DC Servos. All units are test electrically and mechanically using the latest repair and test equipment. This insures that defective or worn parts are rebuilt and replaced. Encoders, resolvers and tachometers are adjusted to the correct timing. Static and dynamic test are preformed to insure all repairs meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Other Services
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  • Lamination Refurbish and Replacement - Each lamination is unstacked, wire brush cleaned, roller coated with a C5 core plate, baked, and restacked.

  • Core Loss Testing - AC stators and rotors, and all armatures are tested prior to and after stripping to ensure the integrity of the laminations before winding. We fully document the received condition of motors we take into our shop as well as documenting the repairs and parts necessary to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

  • Dynamic Balancing -  Precision Dynamic Balancing is a feature of our work using a Dyna-bal Balancer. Rotating elements are checked for proper balance. Out of tolerance units are corrected to a balance grade appropriate for the speed and application of the machine.

  • Pump Repair

  • Gear Reducer Repair 

  • Gearbox Repair

  • AC and DC Control Repair

  • Portable Electric Tool Repair

  • Complete Rewinding & Redesigning Capabilities

  • For units that are not economical for repair, we can quote replacements. If a unit is obsolete, we can find a suitable drop-in replacement.